It is sometimes difficult to tell the difference between letting something go or just burying it, only to find that it resurfaces at a later time. We hold on to pain. We hold on to it because, well, we’re human and that’s just what we do. But you may find that by acknowledging that it is there, and consciously just letting go of it, you will find a sense of relief from the pain. Imagine holding on to an object with your hand. You can try real hard to let it go but have you let it go? No. Let it go. Yes, it will not be there anymore, which may be a scary thought, but the fact is, is that it is not serving you so open your hand and just let it go.

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Many of us feel that we suffer due to the pains in life. These pains may be physical, mental or spiritual. They could be due to fears of the future, attachment to pains in the past or desire for things to be different than they are in the present.

Pain in life is inevitable. We will be hurt mentally, physically and emotionally. That is a fact of life. To attempt to avoid pain is futile and will keep us from living life. A few scratches and bruises to our ego, our heart or our mind mean that we are living.

Is suffering from these pains necessary?

Suffering on the other hand is something that we can control and does not need to be a part of our life. Suffering is attachment to outcomes and expectations.

Outcomes are related to the situations in the past…

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  1. Wow, I got so much out of reading both the original blog and your thoughts on it! I kept thinking about and how much I have learned from childbirth about the distinction between pain and suffering. Is my uterus contracting and my body opening in an intense and uncomfortable way that it never has before? Yup. Do I need to be fearful and discouraged by every contraction, dwelling on previous contractions and fearing future ones? Nope. Is this temporary pain bringing an immense and long-lasting beauty? Yup! I try every day to incorporate birth lessons into my life, and this blog has given me a great one to meditate on!

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