Just Say It


It’s so easy to just think it and not say it. But you may severely regret not telling someone something. This wonderful lady and friend has some great things to say about this.

Originally posted on We Are Super Women:

I was talking to a girlfriend today who’s had feelings for a guy and never told him until right before it was too late, giving her no time to develop any of their feelings for each other before he left. And neither did he.couple on seine Both left feelings unsaid – she for fear that he didn’t feel the same, him for fear of what changes the conversation would bring. They both let fear get the best of them, and allowed themselves to delay discomfort for devastating results.

Too often we leave things unsaid. Both to ourselves and to others. Not only do we not tell others what we think and what we want, we don’t give time to tell ourselves. Allow yourself time to reflect on things that have happened and more importantly

. Love .

how you feel and…

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